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American radio stations July 8, 2006

Posted by Amanda in Media, Uncategorized.

We have been listening to the radio as we drive around and it is amazing to hear the vitriol that is broadcast night and day. Almost every talk station seems to be conservative and they go on and on about the ‘liberals’, ‘the left’ and ‘the Democrats’ all day. They also seem to all have the same stories that they are instructed to talk about. I heard Madeleine Albright’s comments about North Korea being ripped into on three different programs, all with different presenters and yet with very similar things being said on each. If we think Alan Jones is bad, he has nothing on this lot.

There is also a lot of conspiracy theory presented by the hosts and callers alike. So far we have heard that oil regenerates itself and there is no such thing as peak oil, that aliens are invading and populating the world with hybrids and that China is responsible for the North Korea missile strike. It is all very amusing.



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