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Greyhound tales July 12, 2006

Posted by Amanda in Travel Diary, Uncategorized.

My cousin said to me once that only criminals and crazy people travel on Greyhound buses in the US. Needless to say, Chris and I ignored that and caught the Greyhound from LA to Las Vegas when we first arrived. Maybe it was the jet lag but it seemed ok. So we booked to catch the bus back to LA on Monday morning.

We arrived at the station and were each promptly charged $20 more than what we had been told when we booked. We dealt with that and then were told that the bus we booked on to was full, but then they put us on because we had booked through Amtrak. We couldn’t get seats together so I decided I would sit next to a harmless enough looking woman in her mid twenties. She argued that she didn’t want me there but there was nowhere else- oh how I wish there had been.

The people around her who had been on the bus for four days from Philadelphia started telling me she was crazy and had nearly been put off the bus previously. But I thought, she doesn’t seem that bad, and she wasn’t for the first hour. She did keep drinking out of one of about seven different bottles of coke that she had but that was ok.

It was when the bus got a flat tyre about an hour out of Vegas that she started to get agitated. We were stuck by the side of the road for a couple of hours during which time, she started having a conversation. I got to hear both sides of the conversation because they were quite loud, and both sides were coming from her. Mainly it was about welfare benefits.

She got more agitated when she accused everyone around her of stealing one of her bottles of Coke. I just kept the headphones on.

At the food stop someone was taken off the bus with a full compliment of police, fire and ambulance. It wasn’t my seatmate but at least it meant Chris and I could move to sit together.

The four hour bus ride took seven and a half hours but it least it yielded a story. 



1. sonael - July 15, 2006

Hi! Sonia here. This sounds like the hitchiker I picked up one day – and left behind at a service station in the middle of nowhere. It was a full moon and she started pointing out the window at the people who were following her. Scary, even to me. Hope you are having a good time, I have a blog here too so I think you might get a link to it when I post. Cheers – Sonia

2. Pip - July 16, 2006

Hi Amanda and Chris. I love your blog. Your trip sounds fantastic so far. Are you sure that you didn’t steal the coke… I knwo you love it!
Love Pip

3. sylviegal - July 19, 2006

Hey Pip and Sonia,

Thanks for your emails! I would love to get your blog address Sonia- then I can put a link to it on mine!

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