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New York Shopping July 19, 2006

Posted by Amanda in Uncategorized.

Oh dear. It really is as bad as they say. It is impossible not to shop in New York! Mum and I went shopping the other day and spent five hours just in Macys! It was amazing. I am not really a shoe person but oh the shoes, the shoes, the shoes!! I fully understand why Carrie spent the equivalent of a house deposit on shoes. There have been so many that I could have bought. But I only bought a pair of Mephisto sandals in LA (just off Rodeo drive no less).

My downfall was when I found H&M, my favourite shop from London just near Macy’s. I couldn’t resist and bought a few things but they were all quite cheap.

My other desire was the earrings in the shop where Dad bought Mum a ring for her birthday. $1000 US for amazing diamond earrings with six princess cuts in each. But I resisted. I did get two pairs of gold earrings in KMart of all places for 70% off! They worked out to be about $20 each pair! 

I really have to be more careful when we go back to New York today or the trip will be considerably shorter than 6 months.



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