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Week Two (and a half) July 19, 2006

Posted by Amanda in Uncategorized.

It is much harder than you would think to find an internet cafe in the States. Hence the lack of updates on here. But at the moment we are in Pittsburgh airport where our flight to New York has been delayed for three hours.

So what have we been doing? Last week we were in LA for my cousin’s wedding. We were too busy to get to see much of the sights but where we were staying at Palos Verdes was amazing. The apartment had a view right out over the Trump golf course and the ocean. We will try not think about that when we go into our first hostel tonight in New York.

The wedding was great (the photos are on Flickr which I am still trying to link to this blog). Then on Friday night we flew to New York with Mum and Dad. We stayed in a great cheap hotel on the Upper West side (Seinfeld area) called Hotel Newton.

We went up the Empire State building and shopped- more about that later.

The last couple of days we have been in Pennsylvania where we went to see Falling Water, the house designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. That was a real highlight. We also stayed in a great little town called Ohiopyle and went to a battlefield from the French Indian war called Fort Necessity.

Today we fly back to New York for five days staying in the East Village- should be fun. See my other posts for more detail about the specifics.



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