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Connections July 30, 2006

Posted by Amanda in Travel Diary, Uncategorized.

Fil and El are staying with us tonight at Julie’s. They are here from Oxford and we are going to head to Spitalfields market tomorrow. Just looking, not buying … well not unless it falls into the “I luurrrve it” category. Speaking of which I went to the op shops in Hammersmith today. I had forgotten how great Traid is. It has great stuff but I managed to control myself as now that I am spending AUD$ and not £ , it is not quite as tempting. I did get a fab disco era scarf though.

That scarf may come in handy next week when Chris and I go to see Rick (AKA Deep Child) play in Berlin next week. It’s great timing that he is there when we are and he says that it is at an outdoor club that is quite fab.

We only realised today that our flight to Berlin is on Tuesday and not Monday. At least that gives us some more time to chill here in London and enjoy the break from hostel beds and eating out. We are going to stay at Innes’ parents place in Essex on Monday night before our flight so we appreciate that too.

Chris caught up with some guys from the various bike shops he has worked at this week. He has been torturing himself (and me) with dreams of cycling across Europe so he went and chatted to Corey (ex Richmond Cycles) and Ben (ex Wooly’s Wheels) about that and what an unsympathetic wife he has!

I haven’t seen anyone from the BBC yet and might leave that until we come back to London.



1. Phil - July 30, 2006

Enjoying the blog and Flikrsets kids. And yes, you are unsympathetic, a man has needs you know! How is Benno?

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