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Cubist Architecture August 16, 2006

Posted by Amanda in Architecture/Design, Travel Diary.

A link to my photos of Cubist architecture in Prague.

The thing we are enjoying about this trip is having time to really look around. This is especially true in places we have been before because we have already seen all the main sights and have no pressure to rush around and not miss anything.

Today we had an architecture day. I discovered quite by accident that Prague is unique in having buildings that attempted to follow the Cubist art movement in architecture. We were going to go to the Cubist museum but it was closed so we went to a cafe in one of the buildings with furniture and fittings in the Cubist style.

Then we went to a little visited area of Prague to see some more Cubist buildings. They were really very interesting. We also saw the Frank Gehry ‘Fred and Ginger’ building which I missed last time. There are also some good examples of Art Nouveau around.

Along the way we found a great secondhand bookshop that had lots of prints, paintings and posters for sale. We bought some great things from the communist era including a poster celebrating 40 years of Communism in 1988 which is of course the year before it all came crashing down. The bonus of the shop was that there was a kitten and a cat that live in the shop so we got our fill of playing with and patting the furry things.



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