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Hrvatska September 9, 2006

Posted by Amanda in Travel Diary.

Why is it that the names that we use for some places are so different to what the country calls themselves? We are in Hrvatska at the moment and have been for two weeks. That sounds very exotic but we are actually in Croatia.

Croatia has been a bit of a holiday from travelling. It sounds strange but in some ways we don’t really think of ourselves as ‘on holiday’ but ‘travelling’. However Croatia is spectacular and we have definitely been on holiday here.

We spent a couple of days in Dubrovnik and then went to the island of Hvar for five days. That was beautiful. We actually spent one whole day one the beach with chairs and an umbrella that we hired. The water is here is incredibly clear and clean. In Hvar we even had a cat for the whole time. He was very affectionate and would come whenever I called him.
We have been in Split for the last couple of days. Split has a Roman palace in the centre of the old town and lots of very tiny passages through the buildings. All the paths are made of very slippery marble.

Chris bought a bike in Budapest so he has been riding around all of the places we have been staying and getting to see amazing views from the tops of the mountains that he tortures himself with. He is riding a Kettler Alu-Rad 52/42-six speed 12/23 (who knows what all that means). It is a bike that is about 20 years old but is very good quality and made in West Germany.

It has been extremely hot on Hvar and in Split and for the first time we have understood why a siesta is necessary. Most of the shops close between 12 and 4 or 5 and the streets are deserted as everyone takes shelter from the heat.

Today we leave with Fil and El on a yacht for a couple of days out to some other islands and then head to Italy to meet Mum and Dad.



1. Innes - September 11, 2006

Chris –
you barstad –
I cannot beleive you are heading around the mountains of Croatia on
a bike and I am stuck at work.
Jealous doesn’t come close.
its hurts me.

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