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Update September 18, 2006

Posted by Amanda in Travel Diary.

I have been very slack with this blog lately. I will endeavour to do better.

Last week we spent about three days on a yacht sailing the Adriatic off Croatia with Fil and El and Nat, Siobhan and Tim who we hadn’t met before. Need I say it was great?

We left from the marina on Saturday afternoon and went to a cove off the island of Brac. It is amazing to be rocked to sleep by the waves. The next day we went to Vis which is another Croatian island. Vis was a military area up until a few years ago so it is remarkably untouristed. The village was really beautiful.

On Monday we went to the Blue Cave off the island of Bisevo. To get there, we had to go in the small dinghy through a cave and tunnel into a cavern where the light from outside was reflected up into the cave through a hole in the rock underneath the water. The result is an amazing unearthly blue colour in the 16m deep water. It was great! For lunch that day we anchored off one of the many nude beaches in Croatia and went swimming off the boat (we however were fully attired in swimmers!). That night we anchored off another small island and watched the moon come up.

Tuesday, Chris and I were dropped off in Hvar and caught the ferry to Ancona in Italy. We caught the train to Rome and met Mum and Dad. We enjoyed Rome much more this time. We went to the Catacombs which were quite overwhelming in their size. Chris and I went to the Colosseum and Palatine Hill which we didn’t do last time. Unfortunately on Saturday it bucketed with rain all day and we took the day off and stayed inside.

We are now in Naples and will go to Pompeii tomorrow weather permitting. Chris is intending to ride up Mt Vesuvius as well.



1. sonael - September 21, 2006

Hi – this is great “sailing in the Adriatic off Croatia”. Hvar indeed! You are getting to some amazingly off-track destinations. Why be fully attired, I ask (when in Croatia…)?

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