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To Chris from Cricket (our naughty cat) October 26, 2006

Posted by Amanda in Cats, Travel Diary.

Dear Chris,

This place is great. There are lots of geckos and bugs to chace and even when they get me inside i can still climb the inside of the windows and give them a fright from the other side of the glass.

The girl is here less than the woman and even though she is ok i like to sleep on the womans bed because it is twice the size.

The woman sometimes buys something she calls ‘fish’ and i find i like it alot. In fact i like most things she has on her plate and would steal it off her plate if she let me.

My breakdance leg slides are coming along nicely , both the girl and the woman enjoy indulging me in this. When the woman wears her satin pj trousers it is an especially fast trip down her leg! As always i finish the move with a roll-over/ have a go at a bite or scratch …….its a classic.

The girl bought a new bike. Its a avanti hybrid, no more suicide gears. She seems to be enjoying it quite a bit.

Still got that ringing in my ears every time i move and even more so when i scratch my neck… hope its not a tumour!

Anyhow, Rock on.
Cricket Bovinkin

Translated and transcribed by the luscious Meredith



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