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Shooting the ABC in the knees November 1, 2006

Posted by Amanda in Media.

This article has made my blood boil. The government has effectively hobbled the ABC with its stacking of the board and the new editorial policies. ABC news already had the strictest controls on balance of any media organisation in the world and the new rules are unworkable.

I have no doubt that the Glasshouse has been axed at least partly because of these new controls and the fear that they could not be made to comply with the new policies.

As for John Howards statement “From time to time, if the ABC treats a news item in an unbalanced fashion I will say so, and I will say that in relation to other programs as well.” , that is complete and utter crap. ABC journalists have to bend over backwards to ensure coverage of an issue is balanced.  The same cannot be said for any other Australian media or indeed most overseas.

It makes me sick that a media organisation like the ABC cannot be allowed to get on with the business they know so well without the nitpicking, ignorant scrutiny of this narrow minded, petty, snake of a Prime Minister and his cronies sticking their noses in.



1. Phil - November 3, 2006

Well said. Still after 200 episodes the program was getting a bit tired and predictable, decisions regarding Media Watch and the Chaser will be the real litmus test on what’s happening at the ABC as far as this culture war is concerned.

2. Karen and Stephen - November 5, 2006

You go AMANDA! Two thumbs up and hearty agreement from us!!!

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