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British obsessions November 8, 2006

Posted by Amanda in Media.

I know that I have been known to read the occasional celebrity goss and even have conversations about it but the British take the whole celebrity culture thing to a whole new level.

This is probably a result of the press here that is covered with articles about the most minor faces- today I read an article about the WAGs, that is the Wives And Girlfriends of the football players. They have become a phenomenon of their own.

BUT, yesterday we were in a bookshop and what astounded me was the number of autobiographies about every man, woman, child and their dog. I am sure if I looked hard enough I actually would have found an autobiography of a minor celebrity pet. The one that really struck me was the bio of the latest Big Brother winner! You have to be kidding. What have they ever done to have a book written about them? And at about 21? This is just the tip of the iceberg, there seemed to be biographies about anyone you could think of.

A quick look on Amazon uk reveals biographies about at least two big brother winners, Kerry Katona (former Atomic Kitten, former wife of Delta Goodrem’s boyfriend), the big blonde woman from “How clean is  your house”, Peter Andre, his wife Jordan, Jordan’s nemesis Jodie Marsh (Page Three model), Billie Piper (Dr Who), two from Victoria Beckham and various other tv chefs, reality tv ‘stars’ etc etc etc. The only one in the first three pages of entries that looked even vaguely interesting was Billy Bragg’s and even so have any of these people done anything that is even slightly worthy of having an autobiography?

I wouldn’t have thought that these books would have sold too well but I must be wrong with the number of them out there.

All I can say is perhaps this is a good time to try and become a ghost writer.



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