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Re-entry successful December 30, 2006

Posted by Amanda in Travel Diary.

After 179 days, 17 countries, 70 different beds, 26 train trips, 25 bus rides, 13 flights and 12 boats*, we are back in Australia.

We surprised the families by arriving in Brisbane on Boxing Day rather than 3 January as we had told them.

By the last couple of weeks,  we couldn’t wait to get back as patience thinned and money grew tight. Now we are back it is all a bit daunting as we try to find jobs and somewhere to live.

We spent the last week or so in Thailand. We were going to spend a lot of that time on Ko Samet but the accommodation was very expensive so we went back to Bangkok and just hung around there. On Christmas Eve, we splurged a little and went to stay in the Davis Hotel which was very nice after all those hostel rooms.

So now we will look forward to catching up with you all at some point in Brisbane or Sydney or whereever!

*These are only the major trips, not running around cities.



1. Sonia Kumar - December 31, 2006

Welcome back! Great to hear you have re-entered, and the blog is going to continue on… Sonia xxx

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