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The Telstra Woman January 2, 2007

Posted by Amanda in Uncategorized.

I have never minded the push-a-button-to-get-to-the-right-section thing when it comes to phoning companies. Usually it is pretty efficient and you can get to where you want. I have never really had a problem with that.

What drives me crazy is the voice activated system used by Telstra where I have to listen to an overly polite, sickly sweet voice asking me what I want and then waiting for my verbal reply.  I hate it! I hope you have internet monitors Telstra!! And while we are at it, I also am annoyed by the woman with the speech bubbles in the Westpac ATMs. She is equally smiley, sweet, fake and frustrating.

Most of us are used to dealing with computers and automated systems. We have all adjusted to that quite well. However, when an automated system pretends to be a human, it is infuriating. Don’t pretend we are getting personalised service when we are not. Don’t make us actually have to speak to the machine- it is humiliating. It reinforces the idea that companies think consumers are stupid and will be fooled by a pre-recorded voice.

Please Telstra, go back to “Press 1 for mobiles, press 2 for internet”!



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