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More water woes. January 22, 2007

Posted by Amanda in Personal.

I have a bit of a theme going this week. It is all about the wet stuff but this post is a bit more of a personal observation.

I don’t like creeks. I don’t like going to creeks and I definitely don’t like swimming in them. There is something a bit dirty about it and it is not often a pleasant experience.  I should say that there are exceptions. I don’t mind a creek in a rainforest with clear running water, surrounded by trees and dappled sunlight but usually the water is so icy cold that I don’t want to venture in.

Today we went to the type of creek that I really don’t like. (Sorry to my sister who took us there but this is not a reflection on you). It was a sandy creek bed with some rocks and a few scrubby trees and a brownish creek. My niece and nephew enjoyed it so that is the main thing, but I just felt hot and couldn’t get over the smell of the dog crap that some inconsiderate owner had left sitting there.

Maybe it reminds me of those school camps that were always in the cheapest campsite they could find where they would force us to drag canoes around and paddle until our arms were about to fall off.

I think the real problem is that I am an ocean person and a creek just doesn’t measure up. Come to think of it, I don’t like dams or lakes much either. I love the power and infinite nature of the ocean and the way the sun looks different when you get near the sea. I love the fine sand of Australian beaches and I don’t even mind the pebbles on beaches in Europe. Compared to the ocean, a creek just doesn’t cut it. 



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