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The big blogging dilemma January 22, 2007

Posted by Amanda in Blogs.

To blog or not to blog. That is the question.

I think that this must be something that most people who write some sort of online journal or opinion page have struggled with at one time or another. Especially when your site is more or less just a personal musings space as mine is.

I often have things that I would like to write here but have second thoughts about. I am a pretty open person and most people who know me probably are aware that I am not afraid to show my emotions or say what I am thinking, but sometimes in this space I am not sure that it would be worth the hassle.

For example, there might be something bugging me about someone but is it worth me telling them and everyone else about it in this forum? Even if I write in very general terms and don’t use names, if they check my blog, they may guess it was about them. There are things that annoy us all the time that we don’t bring up with people because it is not major enough to worry about. It could be cathartic for me, but may cause more grief down the line.

Then there is the issue that, for the most part, this is a one sided process. Do I want to make myself vulnerable to anyone who happens to click here? That is ok in a relationship where all parties are being equally vulnerable but there aren’t too many people I know who are putting their thoughts online. Many of my readers don’t even leave comments because it is somehow hard to put yourself out there.

So what is the solution? I have thought about starting a secret blog as I am sure many bloggers do. But there is the thing in me that likes an audience and would I get one with a secret blog? I am sure you would all find my secret blog much more interesting but that would defeat the purpose! And anonymous writing is somehow cowardly.

So my quandry remains. There are things I would love to get off my chest but I have to weigh up the consequences. It is not an easy one to resolve.

Any thoughts?



1. Phil - January 23, 2007

There are some deeply personal blogs out there, and I tend to stay away from them if only because I don’t like to pry into others lives, even if it is an anon blog.

I like to keep a bit of distance, my personal life is mine to deal with offline………..but that’s me.

2. Grant - January 24, 2007

Hi Amanda.

Blogging is as much for the blogger as the audience – and both are a very diverse bunch.

I’m having a similar dilemma with my blog – I’m not sure quite where it’s heading or what I should do with it. Perhaps I’m thinking too much about it, but I kinda know what you mean.

My blog used to be the place I’d post cool links – now I use del.icio.us for this, which means my blogging frequency decreases. And with that I think that I have to have something important to say, rather than just banter. And that makes blogging harder, coz you have to take more time to write, and it gives the inner-critic more opportunity to stop you…

I’ve read, and found myself, that thinking of a few people that read your blog, and then writing as though you’re talking to them is a good way to think about blogging. Then it’s a simple question: “would they be interested in this?” If the answer in your mind is “yes” blog it. With a description. Without a description. With a short note, or an essay of your thoughts.

Not sure if that helps at all… hopefully it’s of use.

3. Sonia - January 27, 2007

Hi there
Yep – I’m having the same dilemma, which is why I haven’t written for a while. I started the blog in order to catch all my random thoughts which were worth recording. The problem is, some of the thoughts do concern other people which makes life difficult – especially when the people are patients! I guess I think of the blog as a way to keep “notes” for some future story or article. It wasn’t really working as I was having to censor myself. So now I’m looking into keeping a personal journal, no censorship! and then select entries to go onto the blog. I hope this works. I hope you continue your blog in whatever form it takes! Sonia

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