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How to get the guy. February 27, 2007

Posted by Amanda in Media.

As I am an student/unemployed person at the moment, I have the ‘opportunity’ to watch daytime television. Of course, the menu consists of a diet of self-help and soap with episodes of The Bill and Law and Order thrown in.

The last week or so, I have been watching an American ABC program called “How to Get the Guy”. It sounds dreadful, but the title doesn’t do it justice. The program has two relationship ‘experts’ instructing four ‘unlucky in love’ women on dating techniques. It still sounds terrible but actually it is really engaging.  The experts are likeable and give quite sensible advice most of the time. The women are equally entertaining but I think it is the production values that make it really watchable. It uses great graphics and scenes (the whole thing is set in San Francisco). It also has a great soundtrack of 70’s tunes that fit the kitchy vibe of the program. The narration follows the stories of the four women as they learn how to choose better dates and be better dates.

The subject is not particularly noble, but the slick look of the show pulled me in and kept me there, so I suppose that is all you can ask from a piece of daytime fluff.



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