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A Stella day March 12, 2007

Posted by Amanda in Fashion.

Today marked the first time that Australians have really had an opportunity to experience the ‘designers go discount’ phenomenon. Stella McCartney released her affordable range through Target to scenes of mayhem in many Southern stores.

I am glad to say that things in Brisbane were a lot quieter than those at Bondi. I went to Indooroopilly and my sisters-in- law  went to Brisbane CBD and Chermside so between the three of us, we had the major shopping centres covered. There were crowds of people and the city store racks were cleared fifteen minutes after opening but none of us saw any pushing, grabbing or other crazy behaviour. The lines for the fitting rooms were long but friendly with people offering sizes they didn’t want to those in the queue.

Some may say that Brisbanites aren’t as interested in fashion, but I think it is more about the laid back nature of the city. Sydney is a dog eat dog business world and that spills over into the way people live their lives. We often made this observation when we lived in the harbour city.

The clothes themselves were not as exciting as I thought they might be. The detailing wasn’t as good as that sold through H&M in Europe- there were no Stella McCartney buttons or flourishes like on the jeans I bought overseas but the fit was good and that is what you look for in denim.

For those who still want a taste of dollar design, head to Brookside in Brisbane- at 2pm their shelves were still full!



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