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Saving water March 18, 2007

Posted by Amanda in Observations.

Brisbane is only three weeks away from level 5 water restrictions and we are all being encouraged to do whatever we can to limit our water usage. Brisvegans are being asked to restrict water usage to 140 litres of water per person per day- I think this is down from about 190 litres average now. The most publicised suggestion of the Target 140 campaign is that showers should only be 4 minutes long.

Someone was telling me the other day that some older people don’t make appointments on certain days of the week because it is washing day. I think there is merit in that idea because, too often, we just throw things into the washing machine and switch it on. I have lived with obsessive washers who have a load going at least once a day. Let the pile build up and even *gasp* wear things more than once. It isn’t going to kill you.

I have been trying to do some research for an article into “The last dunny man”. Brisbane still had outhouses in the 1970’s. That would be another way to save water if it wasn’t for the smell. Surely someone can come up with a way to use less water in toilets.

But the most practical suggestion I heard was that businesses be given incentives to install rainwater tanks to collect the water from warehouse and factory roofing. I think this where there is real potential. If businesses can save money by using their own water, then they might be motivated to look into it.

As for the four minute shower, that is going to be a challenge. Maybe I will have to ask Chris to only shower once every three days because I don’t think I can kick the habit.



1. Phil - March 18, 2007

A shower together perhaps? That makes it eight minutes for you if Chris hurries up and gets out first.

2. carmey2001 - March 22, 2007

or you can start filtering #1s… like they did in the movie “the waterworld”… I learn soooo much from American movies…

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