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Cornelia Rau April 9, 2007

Posted by Amanda in Australian politics.

The federal government should be worried about reports that Cornelia Rau is suing after failing to reach a compensation agreement for her wrongful ten month incarceration in a Queensland prison and then an immigration detention centre. Worse still for the image of the government, the reason given for the lack of an agreement is that the lawyers are claiming that it is not the government’s fault because the detention centre is run by a private contractor.

This just doesn’t wash with the public. They are using the Anna Coren defence “They were working for us but we are not responsible”. The detention centres are not set up because the companies see it as a money making venture- they are a policy of this government and the buck stops with the Immigration Department.

 If the government have any sense they will make this go away very quickly because it is just this sort of excuse making that voters hate. Just pay the poor woman what she deserves.                



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