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My Friend the Chocolate Cake May 18, 2007

Posted by Amanda in Music.

There are a couple of bands I would crawl over hot coals to see. U2 is one and My Friend the Chocolate Cake is the other.

Tonight was the fourth time I have seen MFTCC live and I haven’t been disappointed yet. They are a band that draws you into the music with lush sounds and great tunes.

David Bridie remains firmly in control but as the years go on, he seems more relaxed and there is a great interplay between him and the other band members but especially the cellist and the violinist.

Tonight was a hard one, we have had a hard, hard few days and today was especially bad. I thought that I may not enjoy MFTCC as much as I would in other circumstances. But perhaps what we needed  was to listen to these tunes that evoke both melancholy and joy. I certainly felt better at the end than I did at the beginning.

The band gives the audience their money’s worth. The show started at 8pm, had a short break and finished close to eleven after raucous calls for an encore. The music spanned old and new and instruments from tin whistles to ukeleles.

Bridie kept referring to an radio interviewer who labelled the music ‘nutty pop’. Quirky at times perhaps, but there is a depth and sophistication to these songs that touches me every time I hear them.



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