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Brisbane vs Sydney May 21, 2007

Posted by Amanda in Australia, Observations, politics.

Sydney: We would never consider driving in to the CBD and trying to get a street park. Meters cost about $6.00 per hour.

Brisbane: We always drive into the CBD and always park on the street. Meters cost $2.40 per hour.

Sydney: We rarely ran into people we knew in Sydney.

Brisbane: Almost every time we are out, we run into someone we know.

Sydney: Our people didn’t usually know other people’s people.

Brisbane: Everyone knows someone that you know, when you didn’t realise there was a connection.

Sydney: The beach was 15km away and often took 45 minutes to get there.

Brisbane: The beach is 85km away and it takes an hour to get there, sometimes less.

Sydney: We could walk to the shops or catch the train.

Brisbane: We have to drive everywhere.

Sydney: We could go out to eat Turkish, Lebanese, Portuguese, Italian, Greek, Indian quite close by.

Brisbane: All we seem to eat is Asian (except at Paniyiri last weekend)

Sydney: Three great, affordable Italian pizza shops in the Summer Hill main street.

Brisbane: Haven’t found good, affordable pizza yet.

Sydney: We talked to and knew a lot of our neighbours.

Brisbane: Maybe if we had somewhere to live we would have neighbours.

Sydney: Housing is unaffordable.

Brisbane: Housing is unaffordable.



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