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More Choir of Hard Knocks June 12, 2007

Posted by Amanda in Australia, Media, Television.

I have just cried my way through the last episode of Choir of Hard Knocks.

Alan gave his speech so eloquently and confidence oozed out of Simon. He was almost unrecognisable.

Thank you Jonathon Welch, you have done an incredible thing. The transformation in the lives of the people in the choir is important, but I hope everyone who watched this fantastic documentary will look at the marginalised people they pass in the street differently. Maybe they will give them a smile instead of avoiding them. Maybe they will buy a copy of the Big Issue. Maybe they will stop for a chat and discover something in common.

Let’s pray that a little bit of hope and understanding has been injected into the Australian psyche.



1. sian - June 15, 2007

Well said Amanda.
A few years ago I studied Community Work, Aged Care Work, and Disabilities Work at TAFE. A real eye-opener. I hope that I am bringing up my four kids to be compassionate and un-predjudiced.

2. Robbie-K - July 23, 2007

Choir of Hard Knocks are a ‘GOD-SEND!’ … About time there are some real battlers off the street that no nomal human being would usually look twice at, to show what was always looking to be unlocked. People such as this unique group give insight to the true meaning of ‘the heart yearning to grow’ … Everybody deserves the right to be heard.

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