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A Hicks by any other name July 27, 2007

Posted by Amanda in Australian politics, Media, politics.
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The charges against Mohammed Haneef have been dropped this afternoon. Ever since the information about the SIM card came out, it has been looking very dodgy.

It will now be interesting to see what happens with his visa cancellation. The government has to be aware of the fact that Haneef is quickly going to become like David Hicks in the public’s mind- he has been imprisoned on spurious charges and yet they don’t want to back down totally. 

One can’t help but feel sorry for the guy if indeed he only passed on his SIM on the basis that he didn’t need it anymore.

Any predictions? 


Slack July 25, 2007

Posted by Amanda in Blogs, Personal.
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Work, starting at 4am, moving house and the lack of a computer have conspired to have me neglect my blog.

I resolve to do better in the future.