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Costello v the journalists August 15, 2007

Posted by Amanda in Australian politics, Media, politics.
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Who has more to lose in this?

The journalists need their reputation to be able to do their jobs- a politician doesn’t.

Costello can just keep claiming that he never said it and eventually it will blow over- there may be consequences down the track, or there may not.

It is a grave accusation to say that the journalists are lying- look at what happened at the BBC over the whole David Kelly affair.

The journalists should probably have published two years ago or let sleeping dogs lie but now it is out there, I am more inclined to believe them.


The Ekka August 13, 2007

Posted by Amanda in Brisbane.
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We went to the Ekka for the first time in years yesterday.

I have to say I was disappointed- the animal displays were fine, the fruit displays showed their usual creativity in making giant apples out of many smaller apples, the strawberry icecreams had all the required layers.

But where was the crazy headwear? And I am not talking about the country hats- there were plenty of those. But I only saw one pair of head-boppers, and there were no KISS wigs and no glitter hair. What is it with the kids of today? Are they all too cool for their own good? There was a time when every self-respecting Brisbane child wanted a faux mullet for People’s Day.

Seriously now, we enjoyed it- we ate dagwood dogs and strawberry icecreams and got the price of admission back in energy efficient lightbulbs that were being given away. It was fun.

Who needs the Chaser? August 7, 2007

Posted by Amanda in Australian politics, Indigenous issues, Media, politics.
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The Chaser had better watch out- Bill Heffernan is threatening to steal their thunder.

He interrupted another press conference today- this time it was Northern Territory Indigenous leaders that he tried to heckle. But they were having none of it and told him so. Like any coward who picks on those weaker than him, it seems he backed down when challenged.

Doesn’t the government have enough problems at the moment without this buffoon trying out his bully boy tactics?