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Summer Heights High September 5, 2007

Posted by Amanda in Media, Television.

Chris Lilley is back to his best in the first episode of Summer Heights High. Each character is so well crafted that it is easy to forget that they are all played by the same actor.

The problem is that in this program, the characters are a little too authentic. Anyone who has been a high school teacher would almost have to watch this show through their fingers because it is all a bit painful to watch. The taunting of teachers by students rubs close to the bone and brings back some uncomfortable memories.

It all makes me shudder and reminds me clearly why I got out of teaching.



1. Jonathan Chambers - October 4, 2007

Summer Heights High has only been getting darker, funnier, and more brilliant as the series has progressed. The real beauty of it is that the ABC is leading the pack in terms of delivering the full series via podcast, which means that I can watch it (and The Chaser) overseas without subscribing to a collection of garbage TV.

Bravo, ABC!

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