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Audio content on newspaper sites. September 17, 2007

Posted by Amanda in Media, Radio, Television.

Newspaper sites everywhere are adding video and audio content to their websites. We are able to access mini television news bulletins, commentaries and of course the now all too common Youtube funnies.

These news organisations are attempting to claw back some market share as their hard copy circulation keeps dropping and this is a good way to offer up an interactive component that allows users to access broadcast and print versions of the same news item.

But while the online papers have realised that their audience responds to audio and video content, all too often they do not bother to make this content of the same quality as television and radio broadcasts. It seems that the print journos are just told to go and put down a voicer for their story and yet these writers are not given any voice or camera training. The result is of a quality akin to community television and radio.

If these news organisations want their content to be taken seriously, their journalists are going to have to become tri-media experts and not just writers with a microphone.



1. grayndler - September 17, 2007

Too true, of course they don’t want to degrade the print content so they have no interest in producing anything too slick. I’m betting too that the uptake for this kind of video is slow, governed by the lack of broadband in many places, this too would limit your commitment to quality.

Some day all media will be a mix and when the delivery technology improves so will production.

I’ve been watching a lot of hi def broadband content via Joost but it’s a big suck on your download limits, so until/if that becomes cheaper ( as it should be} there will be another practical limitation to the take up rate.

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