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Wake up October 21, 2007

Posted by Amanda in Cats, Media.
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This is currently my favourite Youtube video


Gnome tales October 16, 2007

Posted by Amanda in Australia.
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Found this on Flickr today … and I thought I had too much time on my hands.

Expensive Australia October 8, 2007

Posted by Amanda in Australia, Observations, Travel Diary.

Whenever I return to Australia from overseas or look at travelling in Australia, it strikes me just how expensive this country is. One good example is walking tours.

Chris and I are going to Melbourne in December* and I wanted to do a walking tour of the art and grafitti of Melbourne- it is $55 per person for three hours, and that is the cheap tour. Some of the others are up to $95. I couldn’t believe how this differs from the walking tours we have taken overseas. That is the great thing about walking tours- the overheads are low so they are usually affordable. But not in Australia apparently. See the list below for a comparison

Berlin €12=$18 AUD and this walk was more than seven hours long! The tours are all conducted by people who have degrees in German history.

London £6 = $14.00 AUD

New York $15 US = $16 AUD

At least two of these cities also run free walks- why is it so expensive here?

*ok the one thing that is not expensive about this trip is the flights. We are going with Tiger for $40 each return including taxes!

Drip please. October 6, 2007

Posted by Amanda in Personal.
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I am not good at keeping my fluids up. For some weird reason I put off having a drink until I am really thirsty. It would be much easier if I could have intravenous solution all day every day.

Right now I need water so I guess I will go get some.