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Drip please. October 6, 2007

Posted by Amanda in Personal.
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I am not good at keeping my fluids up. For some weird reason I put off having a drink until I am really thirsty. It would be much easier if I could have intravenous solution all day every day.

Right now I need water so I guess I will go get some.


Photos of “Pumpkin” September 18, 2007

Posted by Amanda in Media, Television.
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Now that the little girl dumped at a Melbourne train station has been identified, shouldn’t the media be obscuring her face?

If she is a victim of a crime then her face should not be shown- isn’t that the law?

Falling in lamb September 18, 2007

Posted by Amanda in advertising, Media, Television.
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Those people at Meat and Livestock Australia really know their stuff when it comes to advertising- or at least they have employed people who do.

I thought the Sam Kekovich ad was great but the new ad “Falling in Lamb” is even better.

Just in case you have missed it so far, it is an ad in the style of a movie trailer for a romantic comedy. The thing that makes it so good is that the casting, music and scripting is perfect. It is indistinguishable from a genuine movie trailer.

If only all Australian advertising could be this good.

Audio content on newspaper sites. September 17, 2007

Posted by Amanda in Media, Radio, Television.
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Newspaper sites everywhere are adding video and audio content to their websites. We are able to access mini television news bulletins, commentaries and of course the now all too common Youtube funnies.

These news organisations are attempting to claw back some market share as their hard copy circulation keeps dropping and this is a good way to offer up an interactive component that allows users to access broadcast and print versions of the same news item.

But while the online papers have realised that their audience responds to audio and video content, all too often they do not bother to make this content of the same quality as television and radio broadcasts. It seems that the print journos are just told to go and put down a voicer for their story and yet these writers are not given any voice or camera training. The result is of a quality akin to community television and radio.

If these news organisations want their content to be taken seriously, their journalists are going to have to become tri-media experts and not just writers with a microphone.

Protesting September 7, 2007

Posted by Amanda in Australia, Australian politics, Observations.
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Getting arrested at a protest is one of those things that adds to your life experience. It is like shaving your head. You only want to do it once and for a good cause.

I have done one of the two.

Summer Heights High September 5, 2007

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Chris Lilley is back to his best in the first episode of Summer Heights High. Each character is so well crafted that it is easy to forget that they are all played by the same actor.

The problem is that in this program, the characters are a little too authentic. Anyone who has been a high school teacher would almost have to watch this show through their fingers because it is all a bit painful to watch. The taunting of teachers by students rubs close to the bone and brings back some uncomfortable memories.

It all makes me shudder and reminds me clearly why I got out of teaching.

Writer or journalist September 4, 2007

Posted by Amanda in Media, Observations.
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I’ve been thinking about journalism- can’t think why?

I can’t help but notice that there are two types of journalists. There are those who want to be writers- they say they want to write for a living and see journalism as a way of doing this. Of course they are more likely to go into print journalism but I think that sometimes they find the environment a difficult one because their love is of words and not necessarily the story.

The other sort of journalist just loves knowing things first and being the one to tell others. These are the news junkies who live for the novelty. During a crisis or disaster, they wait with bated breath for the new developments. The newsroom is the only place they can confess that they wish the floods up the road were a bit closer. Along with the shock, fear or disgust at a developing story, there is exhilaration and adrenalin.

The writer journalist and the news junkie journalist both have their place but it would be interesting to know which are more inclined to leave the profession and pursue other paths. For me, I know that I can’t imagine enjoying a workplace more than a newsroom or studio when a story is breaking.

Costello v the journalists August 15, 2007

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Who has more to lose in this?

The journalists need their reputation to be able to do their jobs- a politician doesn’t.

Costello can just keep claiming that he never said it and eventually it will blow over- there may be consequences down the track, or there may not.

It is a grave accusation to say that the journalists are lying- look at what happened at the BBC over the whole David Kelly affair.

The journalists should probably have published two years ago or let sleeping dogs lie but now it is out there, I am more inclined to believe them.

The Ekka August 13, 2007

Posted by Amanda in Brisbane.
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We went to the Ekka for the first time in years yesterday.

I have to say I was disappointed- the animal displays were fine, the fruit displays showed their usual creativity in making giant apples out of many smaller apples, the strawberry icecreams had all the required layers.

But where was the crazy headwear? And I am not talking about the country hats- there were plenty of those. But I only saw one pair of head-boppers, and there were no KISS wigs and no glitter hair. What is it with the kids of today? Are they all too cool for their own good? There was a time when every self-respecting Brisbane child wanted a faux mullet for People’s Day.

Seriously now, we enjoyed it- we ate dagwood dogs and strawberry icecreams and got the price of admission back in energy efficient lightbulbs that were being given away. It was fun.

Who needs the Chaser? August 7, 2007

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The Chaser had better watch out- Bill Heffernan is threatening to steal their thunder.

He interrupted another press conference today- this time it was Northern Territory Indigenous leaders that he tried to heckle. But they were having none of it and told him so. Like any coward who picks on those weaker than him, it seems he backed down when challenged.

Doesn’t the government have enough problems at the moment without this buffoon trying out his bully boy tactics?